NovaStar 10G SFP Fiber Module Information

**MCTRL660 PRO** - 2 Fiber Modules Needed (OPT 1 = MAIN, OPT 2 = BACKUP)

**MCTRLR5** - 2 Fiber Modules Needed (OPT1 = MAIN, OPT 2 = BACKUP)

**MCTRL4K** - 4 Fiber Modules Needed (OPT1 = LED OUT 1-8, OPT2 = LED OUT 9-16, OPT3 = BACKUP of LED OUT 1-8, OPT4 = BACKUP of LED OUT 9-16)


The CVT4K-S Fiber Converter comes with (4) 10G SFP Modules installed. These products are all made to be used with Single-Mode Duplex Fiber Cables with LC Connectors.

The proper configuration for a fiber setup is FROM THE PROCESSOR to the CVT4K-S via SINGLE MODE DUPLEX FIBER CABLES WITH LC CONNECTORS. Then, you can connect RJ45 Data Cables from the OUTPUT of the CVT4K-S to input of the video wall itself, just like you would connect them straight out of the processor when you aren't using fiber.